Chairman message

Speech of Chief Executive Officer (Partner) : I have always wished to be a lawyer, as lawyership is the finest and holiest profession in the world.At personal level, a lawyer devotes his time, health and may even sacrifice his life in the course of defending an innocent, weak and grieved accused.A good lawyer also embarks on studying all sciences and arts all along his lifetime so that he could assume the duty of defense in different cases entrusted unto him, including civil, commercial, criminal, political, administrative, etc.Unless a lawyer is fully conversant with various sciences and arts, different laws, resolutions, jurists' and commentators' books of law, and latest provisions, he will inevitably fin himself unable to carry on his duty.From this Point, AG cares to make available a specialist team of broadly experienced lawyers and consultants in all branches of law, money and investment markets to furnish our local and foreign client companies and individuals with integrated, distinctive legal services to achieve their interests.AG is also keen to provide a free of charge legal service to those in need and also contribute in spreading legal culture and specialized studies.