Our Mission

As said by Justice, Abdulaziz Fahmy, the President of Egyptian Court of Cassation, upon opening of first hearing in 1931: 'If you weigh up between a judge's job and a lawyer's, you will find the lawyer's job is more accurate and dangerous, because the judge's duty is to weigh up and favor, but the lawyer's is to create, innovate and form'.In AG we are always concerned with providing an integrated teamwork able to create, innovate and form to contribute in achieving social justice and help the weak and the oppressed to recover their rights, defend them against injustice and help all Kuwaiti, regional, and international companies, as our services are not limited to legal solutions of existing problems, but we afford them a future vision within a legal and economic framework, which enables them to make use of the fruitful investment atmosphere of Kuwait. We also provide special services to international companies to help them get access to Kuwaiti market, whether through incorporation of company services rendered by us or else to achieve the desired interests for our client individuals and companies and contribute in achieving the holy mission of lawyership and contribute in developing our society as a whole.